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  • Garrett Forge
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  • Actor: East Coast Talent

Professional Profile

Signed with East Coast Talent Agency, Garrett is a versatile character actor with great comedic timing and who can also play the evil bad guy. Garrett is a singer, songwriter (with 100+ completed, 45 songs copyrighted), upcoming screenwriter, and voiceover actor with a calm soothing or rough masculine voice for audiobooks, sales ads, commercials, movie promos, corporate videos and more.

Owner of Forge Ahead A/V Studios (an audio/video company) that offers Voiceover training from beginner to advanced levels, Actor and Voiceover Reel Editing, Audio/Video Production for your commercials or corporate videos and films and Songwriting, also studio rental to record your Voiceover auditions, gigs and VO Reels

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Garrett Forge made his mark as a versatile character actor in the local South Atlanta community theatre scene for over 10 years. Garrett showcases great comedic timing but can flip the switch to play the evil bad guy. His look fits any role from doctor, lawyer or college professor to detective, parent or villan. Garrett has compiled an extensive resume of theatrical performances and many film roles.

Acting has always been his passion since Garrett was very young. Garrett enjoys all genres of the performing arts. Garrett talents extend to film and television, community theater and voiceover commercials. Garrett has penned over 100 songs (45 currently copyrighted) and is currently developing several scripts for film and television. Garrett’s songs are now available on multiple music streaming services.

Garrett's informative, sincere voice has been featured on commercials for local cable statios. Garrett's gift is his voice. Garrett possesses both a calm, soothing sound or a rough, masculine voice perfect for anything from audiobooks to radio and commercial ads. A versatile voice talent, Garrett's experience in character roles in community theater helps bring his voice to the characters he portrays. Born in Georgia, Garrett has a slight natural southern drawl but has perfected different voices (cartoon characters) and accents including British, Cockney, Irish, Russian, French and Cajun.

Garrett dreams of showcasing his acting and voice talents on a national platform.

Gender: Male
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 220 lbs
Eyes: Blue/Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Receding
Age Range: 35 – 55
Physique: Athletic
Voice Type: Bass, Baritone

Professional Experience

Film / Television

• Three Blacks and a Jew Walk Into a Bar — Roy
• How Did I Get Here? — Useff Nastarovic
• Spoken — Detective
• The Elder Heist — Mr. Adler (British Butler)
• Meet the Snows — Auctioneer
• The Conduit — Chechnyan Spy
• Beautiful Scars — Dean Mitchell (Divorce Attorney)
• The Price to Pay — Man in Parking Lot
• Multiple — Dr. Garrett
• Fixation 2: Uprising — Man in the Park
• Book Cover (Feature Film) — James (Lead)
• Swift Health Medical Group (Commercial) — Doctor
• Atlanta Takedown“ (TV Series) — Juan Stark (Director of SSS Agency)
• Blk Mgc (Short Film) — Cop #1
• Unsuperheroes (Web Series) — Daniel (In Production)
• Unbounded“ (Short) — Galvin
• D.A.T. Life 4: Ride or Die (Web Series) — John Carmichael
• Reach (Web Series) — Mr. Harris
• Eat Your Words — Pastor Ben
• Jezabel: The Movie — Ed
  (Best Actor nominee — TPN Film Festival 2017)
• A Letter to Claudette Colvin — James F. Blake
• Da Story B4 Da Glory — Officer #3
• Crazy Is As Crazy Does — Judge McKenzie / Irate Man
• Work is Murder — Landon Bridges

Community Theater (2007-2016)

• Gypsy — Uncle Jocko / Weber / Cigar
• The Boy's Next Door — Senator Clarke
• Oliver — Dr. Grimwig / Bow Street Runner / Ensemble
• Papa's Angels — Preacher Pruitt
• Dearly Departed — Bud Turpin
• Once Upon A Mattress — King Sextimus
  (Best Minor Supporting Actor in a Musical nominee — Metro Atlanta Theatre Awards 2013)
• A Few Good Men — Commander Walter Stone (doctor)
• The Crucible — Thomas Putnam
• To Kill a Mockingbird — Link Deas / Third Man
• Jesus Christ Superstar — Apostle Matthew / Old Man / Ensemble
• Man of La Mancha — Muleteer / Prisoner / Muslim Moor
• Treasure Island: A Musical Adventure — Israel Hands (small solo)
• Titanic: A New Musical — Colonel John Jacob Astor / Italian Man
• A Christmas Carol — Gentleman 1 / Old Joe / Cook's Friend Bill
• Hello Dolly! — Judge / Song-Dance Ensemble / Waiter / Townsperson
• Cotton Patch Gospel (Musical) — Tom
• Death In Them Thar Hills — Abraham Patton
• Arsenic and Old Lace — Teddy Brewster
• Titanic: A New Musical — Edgar Beane
• Oklahoma — Jud Fry (solo)
• Moonshine and Magnolias — Calvin and Lester

Voiceovers / Commercials

• The American Civil War: In Their Own Words (Docuseries) — General Custer, Gov. Joseph E. Brown et al
• Shadow Wood - Lost in Time (Audio Drama) — The Man
• Shadow Wood - The Last Stop (Audio Drama) — Strange Man
• The Secret Dreams of Squidlets — Boss
• Worldwide Collaboration Promo (online Hip-Hop radio station)
• Stockbridge Recycling
• M&M Waste
• Steer's Steak and Grill
• Demos: voices.com

Performer Skills

• Talents — Singing, Dancing and Voiceovers
• Athletic Capabilities — Tennis, golf, swimming, mountain biking, soccer, softball, bowling and racquetball.
• Accents — Southern, British, Russian, Irish, French and Cajun


• The Best Acting Workshop Ever — Erin Elizabeth-Burns (SAG/AFTRA)
• Chubbuck Technique — Jerri Tubbs (SAG/AFTRA)
• Improv 1 - Drama Inc. — Matt Stanton (SAG/AFTRA)
• Auditioning by Heart Workshop — Crystal Carson (SAG/AFTRA)
• Alliance Theater Voiceover Workshop — Gloria Mason Martin (SAG/AFTRA)
• Tactical Training Workshop: Firearms/Tactics for Camera — Matt Clanton (SAG/AFTRA)
• On-Camera Auditionings (Atlanta Acting Arts) — Barbara and Karen Divisek (SAG)
• Script Analysis — Karl Kennedy (SAG/AFTRA)
• Cold Reading Auditioning (Class Act Actors Studio) — Jacqueline Posey-Hilton (SAG/AFTRA)
• Standard RP (British Accent) Accent Training Workshop — Ryan O’Grady
• Irish Accent and Belfast Ireland Accent Workshop — Ryan O’Grady
• Drama Auditioning Workshop — Shari Shaw (Los Angeles acting coach)

Additional Skills

• Audio and Video Editing and Production — Voiceover training and demo reels and Acting reels production and editing
Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film (2021)

Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards

Most Accomplished Nominee (2019)

BB Awards

Film & Photography Nominee (2019)

The Rice Awards

Actor Honoree (2018)

The 3rd Annual Actors Awards

Atl Hottest Actor nominee (2018 & 2019)

Atl's Hottest Awards

Best Actor nominee — TPN Film Festival (2017)

Jezabel — Ed

Best Minor Supporting Actor in a Musical nominee (2013)

Once Upon A Mattress — King Sextimus

Demo Reels

Interested in my acting services? Check out my scenes from my demo reel and upcoming short films. Contact me at info@garrettforge.com for more information.

Demo Reels

Jezabel: The Movie

Garrett plays Ed in the short film “Jezabel."

A Letter to Claudette Colvin

Garrett plays James F. Blake in the recently released short film “A Letter to Claudette Colvin."

Eat Your Words

Garrett plays Pastor Ben in the recently released “Eat Your Words" trailer.

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Garrett has dual roles in the short film “Crazy Is As Crazy Does” as Judge McKenzie and the Irate Man.

Work Is Murder

Garrett plays the role of Landon Bridges in the short film “Work is Murder.”


Check out my new single and music video available on most streaming services.

#this — Single

Garrett Forge

Check out my new album available on most streaming services.

Life, Love & Beer — Album

Garrett Forge

Listen to my new singles available on most streaming services.

Cold From My Heart — Single

Garrett Forge

About This Christmas — Single

Garrett Forge

You Can Get It All — Single

Garrett Forge

Down the Railroad — Single

Garrett Forge

A Freakin' Flip — Single

Garrett Forge

Rollin' On Through Omaha — Single

Garrett Forge

Reserve the Right to be Wrong — Single

Garrett Forge

There Should Be Beer — Single

Garrett Forge

Promise — Single

Garrett Forge

Country Bars & Lonely Girls — Single

Garrett Forge

Be Next 2 You — Single

Garrett Forge

A Feel Good Time — Single

Garrett Forge

We Will Rise Up (featuring Dani Nicole) — Single

Garrett Forge

My Big Black Truck — Single

Garrett Forge

Keep the Party Goin' — Single

Garrett Forge (with A.D. Like Sunny)

Christmas Cup of Cheer — Single

Garrett Forge

Between the Lies and the Tears — Single

Garrett Forge


Hire me for your next voiceover project. Listen to sample voiceover commercials below. Contact me at info@garrettforge.com for more information.

Voiceover Demos

Commercials and voiceover demos for Garrett Forge.

Informative - Television

Commercial voiceover for a local waste management company.


Recycling company commercial recorded at a local television station.


Commercial for Jackson Heating and Cooling from SCB TV 182.

Jackson Heating and Cooling from SCB TV 182.

Voiceover Studio Equipment

Garrett Forge has the latest equipment to handle your next voiceover project. Garrett uses a Rode NT-A1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount, pop filter and mic stand, Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 USB Interface including Ableton Live Lite, Audacity software, Source Connect (Standard), and Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones.


Check out Garrett Forge's portfolio including headshots and performances from film and television, community theater and voiceover commercials.

Jezabel: The Movie

New Release

It all began on a cold winter night, a young girl lays in her bed resting when suddenly, she hears screams. She awakes gets up out of bed, walks slowly toward her bedroom door and again comes the screams yet now louder. She runs back into her bed, places the covers over her head when suddenly, she hears her name called; JEZABEL.

Written by Ben'a Klier

Available now at Amazon.

Da Story B4 Da Glory

New Release

BG a college student and aspiring musician is determined to make it out of his small hometown, despite the obstacles involved. BG's best friend Kash tries to convince him that selling drugs will be his way out, but BG's girl Daisy tries to convince him otherwise. BG is faced with a difficult choice to enter a life that he isn't prepared for or stay in school to further his career?

Available now at Amazon.

Fixation 2: Uprising

New Release

Three years after the accused Grant Park killer is released from prison. FBI Agent Dana Malone takes a special interest into the case. She uncovers a murderous secret that takes a mother searching for her daughter in a whole new direction. Agent Malone discovers the real truth behind Samantha s disappearance and how social media plays a big influence.

Available now at Amazon.


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